Hello, my name is Daniel

I am expert in Content Management System and e-shop solutions deployment. My areas of expertise is focused to web technologies: development in PHP(Extbase, Symfony, Laravel) + Javascript (REACT, jQuery, Express), TYPO3 CMS and MAGENTO commerce implementation.

I am available for contract work in the following fields:

  • PHP(Extbase, Symfony, Laravel) development
  • Javascript (REACT, jQuery, Express) development
  • TYPO3 CMS consultancy, integration, customization and extension development
  • Magento commerce - consultancy, integration, customization and plugin development
  • FreeBSD/Debian/Ubuntu administration
  • RESTAPI, SOAP, Microservice architecture, Serverless architecture
  • HTML, CSS, Responsive design, Bootstrap, Material UI, Grommet
  • Web projects management
  • SEO, online marketing, PPC
  • other skills: C++, JAVA, OOP, AJAX, Imagemagick, Yii, Zend framework



I believe good analyse of project is very important, as it save follow-up development time.



Good devops department require developers that are skilled, flexible and can work together as team.



Modern testing should be automated, executed ideally on every source commit developers do.